About Dad’s Dish

This is me in cartoon form which makes a great logo for Dad's Dish.
Hi, my name’s Mark and welcome to my blog ‘Dad’s Dish’

As a Dad with two fantastic but fussy boy’s (age 6 and 13) mealtimes tend to be a bit of a lottery when it comes to serving up meals for the boy’s and as a result my lovely wife Carol tends not to want to cook so it’s down to me, fortunately I enjoy faffing about in the kitchen so it’s not too much of a chore.

What is Dad’s Dish all about? Well hopefully it will become a good site to visit to find a collection of recipes, tips and ideas tried, tested and posted by me and also by you the visitor.  I will be posting videos (which should be a laugh) and photos of the things I like to put together in the kitchen enjoy eating and also food that my kids will eat and hopefully yours will too.

So, hopefully you will find this blog useful and please do send in your own ideas and concoctions so that us Dads can have a go at them.  Even if your not a Dad but still enjoy knocking up a tasty meal or snack for a lads night in, for friends or family, share them with us here so we can all have a go and enjoy.


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